The Assistant Dean Technical is a member of the school of engineering management, executive, board of studies and board of examiners. He also deputise in the co-ordination, at national level, activities of Junior Engineering Technician and Scientist (JETS). He/she assists the Dean of the School of Engineering in ensuring the smooth running of the school in various fronts:

1.    Maintenance and Modernisation of School Infrastructure
The office of the Assistant Dean Technical is responsible for the maintenance and modernisation of the school of engineering infrastructure that includes among others attending to ablutions, toilets, water problems, fire extinguisher, cleaning the surrounding and ensuring that there is no litter within the environment. He/she also ensures that lecture equipments such as projectors, lab equipment, simulation software and any other lecturing tools are put in place and works well. Further, he/she oversees and ensures proper functioning of the school website.

2.    Local and International Collaboration
The office working in collaboration with the university international link office, through the vice chancellors office, arranges and ensures implementation of MoUs Signed between the University of Zambia, school of engineering, and other universities and organisations. The Assistant Dean Technical, working with the industrial training secretary, also ensures placement of students for industrial training with some local organisation. The office also ensures appointment of external members of the School of Engineering advisory board who plays a key role in enhancing university-industry partnership including help in curriculum review.

3.    Consultancy Issues
The Assistant Dean Technical facilitates consultancy activities and monitors on-going consultancy matters in the School. He/she also advises staff and students on consultancy matters.

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