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Undergraduate Programmes

Year 1
First Semester   Second Semester  
BS111 Cell Biology and Genetics 0.5 C102 Introduction to Chemistry II 0.5
C 101 Introduction to Chemistry I 0.5 M114 Mathematical Methods II 0.75
M111 Mathematical Methods I 0.5 P198 Introductory Physics II 0.75
P191 Introductory Physics I  0.5   
Year 2
First Semester   Second  Semester  
CE219 Statics and Introduction to Strength of materials 0.5 EA242 Soil and Water Conservation Engineering 0.5
EE209 Principles of Electricity I 0.5 EG269 Introduction to Information Technology 0.5
EG211 Engineering Workshop Technology 0.5 EG275 Engineering and Communication  0.0
EM211 Engineering Mathematics I 0.5 EM212 Engineering Mathematics II 0.5
ME209 Engineering Drawing I 0.5 ME232 Properties of Engineering Materials 0.5
Year 3
First Semester   Second Semester  
AGA351 Animal Production for Engineers 0.5 AGC342 Crop Production for Engineers 0.5
EM311 Engineering Mathematics III 0.5 EM312 Engineering Mathematics IV 0.5
ME341 Thermodynamics I 0.5 ME332 Strength of Materials I 0.5
AGE311 Rural Sociology and Extension 0.5 CE369 Fluid Mechanics I 0.5
Year 4
First Semester   Second Semester  
CE465 Hydrology 0.5 EA452 Food Process Engineering 0.5
EA401 Farm Power 0.5 EG475 Engineering Management & Society I 0.5
GE481 Introduction to Surveying 0.5 EA412 Agricultural Machinery Design 0.5
EM411 Engineering Mathematics V 0.5 EA455 Instrument and Process Control 0.5
   EG493 Industrial Training I 0.0
Year 5
First Semester   Second Semester  
EA521 Agric. Structures and Infrastructures 0.5 EA590 Project 
EA590 Project 1.0 EA502 Renewable Energy Sources 0.5
EA541 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 0.5 EA515 Agricultural Mechanization 0.5
 Elective 0.5 EG575 Engineering Management and Society II 0.5
EA 525 Theory of Structures and Structural Design 0.5
EA555 Post Harvest Technology 0.5
CE 452 Environmental Engineering I 0.5
EA535 Soil Dynamics and Tillage 0.5