Undergraduate Programmes
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Students are able to major either in Electrical Machines and Power Engineering (EMP) or in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (ET) in their last two years of the five year programme of study. Prior to these specializations, Students do their first year in the School of Natural Sciences where they undertake ‘A’ level courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. They enter the School of Engineering in second year where they start the Electrical Engineering programme in the second semester of the same year. The third year is still spent on gaining general engineering knowledge and developing analytical and critical thinking skills before commencing their specialist studies in the fourth year. Each academic year has two semesters. Upon successful completion of the five year programme, candidates are awarded the Bachelor of Engineering degree. The following figure shows the proposed curriculum.

 Year 1                           Natural Sciences
   First Semester       Credits  
 M111  Mathematical Methods I  0.5
 P191  Introductory Physics I  0.5
 BS111  Cell Biology and Genetics  0.5
 C101   Introduction to Chemistry I  0.5
   Total Credits  
 Second Semester
 M114  Mathematical Methods II  0.75
 P198   Introductory Physics II  0.75
 C102   Introduction to Chemistry II  0.5
   Total Credits
 Year 2                        General Engineering
   First Semester     
 CE219  Statics and Introduction to Strength of materials  0.5
 EE209  Principles of Electrical and Electronic Engineering I  0.5
 EG275  Engineering Communication &Society  0.5
 EM211  Engineering Mathematics I  0.5
 ME209  Engineering Drawing I  0.5
   Total Credits  2.5
   Second Semester  
EG 269  Introduction to Information Technology  0.5
 EE242  Embedded Systems & Microcontroller technology  0.5
 ME212  Mechanical & Electrical Workshop Technology  0.5
 EM212  Engineering Mathematics II  0.5
 ME232  Properties of Engineering Materials  0.5
   Total Credits 
  Year 3
    First Semester  
 EE311  Electric Circuits  0.5
 EE321  Electromechanics and Machines  0.5
 EE341  Electronic Engineering I  0.5
 EM311  Engineering Mathematics III  0.5
   Second Semester  
 EE392  Electrical Engineering  Practice  0.5
 EE382  Digital Electronics  0.5
 EM312  Engineering Mathematics IV  0.5
 ME365  Fluid Mechanics & Thermodynamics  0.5
   Total Credits