Department’s Research interests
A.      Poverty eradication
Land administration
- Indigenous land tenure
- Efficient land delivery (plans, diagrams, certificates)
- Role of property rights in poverty eradication
- Formalising indigenous property rights

B.    Sustainable environment
Management of urban and rural infrastructure
- Monitoring infrastructure (e.g. roads, dams, bridges)
- Technique development

Management of Natural Resources

- Monitoring deforestation, encroachment and uncontrolled bush fires
- Natural resource rights
- Integrated land and water resource surveys
- Mechanisms for enhanced natural resource management 
- Integration of international conventions into national management   efforts

C.    Effective Management/Governance
Spatial data infrastructure (SDI)
- Design of effective SDI
- Role of SDI in efficient service delivery
- Modelling and visualisation of Spatial Decision Support

D.    Disaster Management

- Mapping of disaster sites
- Planning and coordination of relief logistics
- Identification and monitoring of disaster prone areas