Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) in Mechanical Engineering

The curriculum allows students to follow courses in any of the following areas: Production Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering Design, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Maintenance, Materials Science and Metallurgy, Fluid Mechanics, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Vibrations and Control Engineering, Energy, Properties and Strength of Materials, and Research and Development. During the program, students have the opportunity to work on individual projects in one of the areas listed above. The curriculum is regularly revised to meet the demands of industry and incorporate advances in technology.

The undergraduate courses and their credits in the programme are listed below. A student is required to complete the full compliment of courses before he or she can graduate.

 First Semester    
 BS111                                        Cell Biology and Genetics  0.5
 C 101                                    Introduction to ChemistryI   0.5
 M111                                            Mathematical Methods I 0.5
 P191                   Introductory Physics I 0.5
 Second Semester    
 C102                                      Introduction to Chemistry II 0.5
 M114                                            Mathematical Methods II 0.75
 P198                                             Introductory Physics II 0.75
Total Credits                          
 Year 2              GENERAL ENGINEERING
 First Semester    
 CE219                          Statics and Introduction to Strength of materials 0.5
 EE209                                         Principles of Electricity 0.5
 EG211                                           Engineering Workshop Technology 0.5
 EM211                  Engineering Mathematics I  0.5
 ME209                           Engineering Drawing I 0.5
 Total Credits   


Upon successful completion of the first semester, students are allocated quotas of their choice.  When a particular quota is full, a cut-off point is used to select students on the basis of their performance in all the first semester courses.  Therefore, some students would have to take their second, third, fourth or even fifth choice.  The courses in the remainder of the programme are given below.


 Year 2
 Second Semester                                        
 EG269              Introduction to Information Technology 0.5 
 EG275                                         Engineering and Communication 0.0
 EM212                                         Engineering Mathematics II 0.5
 ME202                                         Engineering Drawing II 0.5
 ME252                                      Properties of Engineering Materials 0.5
 Total Credits                             
 Year 3  
 First Semester                                              
 EM311                                                 Engineering Mathematics III  0.5
 ME341                                                    Thermodynamics I  0.5
 ME375                                          Dynamics 0.5
 ME331                                                   Properties of Eng. Materials II 0.5
 Second Semester    
 EM312                                                  Engineering Mathematics IV 0.5
 ME332                                             Strength of Materials I  0.5
 CE369                   Fluid Mechanics I  0.5
ME312 Machine Tools and Principles of Electricity II  0.5
Total Credit                                        
 Year 4
 First Semester    
 EM411             Engineering Mathematics V 0.5
 ME415                                                     Production Technology I 0.5
 ME431                                                     Strength of Materials II 0.5
 ME461                                                            Fluid Mechanics II 0.5
 Second Semester    
 EG475 Engineering, Management and Society 0.5
 ME405                                                        Machine Design I  0.5 
 ME442                                         Thermodynamics II and Heat Engines 0.5
 ME472                                                       Vibrations and Control Engineering I 0.5
 EG493                                                           Industrial Training I (compulsory) 0.0
 Total Credits                                
 Year 5
 First Semester    
 ME501            Machine Design II 0.5
 ME541              Heat Transfer 0.5
 ME590*                                Project 1.0 
 ME595  Maintenance Engineering 0.5
  Elective 0.5
 Second Semester    
 EG575 Engineering Management and Society II 0.5
  Elective 0.5
 EG593           Industrial Training II (Compulsory) 0.0
 Total   4.0
 ME512 Manufacturing Systems Management 0.5 
 ME525  Refrigeration and Air- conditioning 0.5
 ME535   Advanced Strength Of Materials 0.5
 ME572  Control Engineering II   0.5 
 ME585 Automobile Engineering   0.5
 ME515 Production Technology II   0.5
 ME545 Alternative Energy Sources 0.5
 ME552 Environmental Engineering  0.5


• Project courses are taken in two semesters.  They normally start in the first semester and continue in second semester, although it is possible for students     who have satisfied progression requirements to begin the project in the second semester.

Some electives may not be offered each year. Electives to be offered will normally be selected on the basis of the number of students opting for each course and the availability of staff. The selected list will be announced prior to the date for registration. Some fourth year electives may be taken in the fifth year with the approval of the Head of Department. Other electives may be chosen as alternatives to those listed, with the approval of the Head of Departments within the School and, in special cases, from other Schools.