Short Courses

Building on its programme of research and teaching activities, the Department of Mechanical Engineering runs a series of focused short courses designed to draw together engineers, technologists, academic and government participants. Broadly there are two sorts of course: those which operate on a regular basis and are advertised accordingly and those designed specifically to the needs of a particular user. The aim is to equip participants with both an understanding of the relevant issues as well as update them with current technological developments as a basis for continuous learning.

The short courses are provided on an openly advertised basis or as in-house courses for particular companies or institutions. These courses are in any of the following categories:-

•    Refresher
•    Re-training
•    Technology transfer
•    Technological awareness

The provision of these courses is part of Continuing Engineering Education (CEE) and targets the widest audience that can benefit from them, which would include engineers, technologists and related professionals, management and senior personnel in industry, consulting firms, research organisations, statutory bodies, educational institutions and the government departments. In addition, attending any one of these courses would count towards your engineers’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points as per the Engineers’ Registration Board (EngRB).

The following is a listing of some of the courses which are mounted on a regular basis.