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Structural Engineering
Consultancy and Research
Structural design expertise available in the Department include: structural design, analysis and appraisal, as well as analytical modelling. Projects undertaken by members of staff include water retaining structures, bridges, residential and commercial buildings.

 Geotechnical Engineering
Consultancy and Research
The following geotechnical services are offered by the Department: soil classification of engineering soils, natural and excavated slopes, seepage and permeability of soils, underground excavations, engineered fills and embankments, soil reinforcement; soil nails and ground anchorage, tunneling and trenching, shortcrete and rockbolts, site assessment, type selection and surveillance of dams, soil and water retaining structures.

 Water Resources Engineering
Consultancy and Research
Services available in the this area include: Private Sector Participation (PSP) in the water sector, water demand management, rainwater harvesting, water law, water rights and water policy studies, community water supply and sanitation consultancy support, groundwater management, groundwater quality analyses, hydrological investigations, water resources planning, discharge and water level measurements/analysis, dam design and reservoir management, storm drainage design/evaluation/management, appropriate technologies, environmental impact assessments/diagnostics/auditing/risk assessment, environmental and water studies, environmental policy, strategy or legislation formulation, current environmental legislation and waste discharge requirements in Zambia, assessment of drinking water quality, wastewater/effluent quality, assisting industry in  meeting ECZ/water and sewerage company industrial effluent discharge requirements, industrial wastewater management, water treatment plant operations, wastewater treatment plant operations, water quality monitoring, solid waste landfill siting, solid waste management, process selection/appraisal, report reviews, process testing.

 Highway and Transportation Engineering
Consultancy and Research

The Department offers expertise in traffic engineering, railway engineering, airport engineering, highway analysis/design, highway and transportation engineering.

 Construction Management
Consultancy and Research

The Department has expertise in project planning, project management, contract management,  procurement, operation and management of construction equipment, occupational health and safety issues in construction, critical path methods in construction, project feasibility studies, execution and appraisal, and environmental management of construction projects.