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Huawei donates to UNZA - School of Engineering


Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxiao says the only way the country was to develop was through more investment in education. He was speaking at the occasion for the donation of 60 computers to the School of Engineering by  Huawe Technologies under the Education Partnership for Africa (EPA) project.

He said failure to invest in Education will make the country lag behind in terms of development.
“China has realized the importance of education and we believe education is an investment.  If you fail to invest in education then you have difficulties to move ahead.  China has developed because of education.  If you fail to raise the standards of education in the 20th century, then the country will be lagging behind,” said Ambassador Zhou.

Ambassador Zhou said the Chinese Government and the international community would support the PF Government in implementing their policies.

And Mr Zhou says Chinese mines should not be blamed for Zambians inability to benefit from the sector.

He said the reason why Zambians were not benefiting from the mines was because of the mistakes that were made in the past, adding that the Chinese companies should not be blamed for those mistakes.

“If the Zambian people are not benefiting, then the Chinese should be blamed for that? I do believe that the mining industry actually benefits the Zambian people but the people do not believe that it is beneficial enough,” said Ambassador Zhou.

“We should ask the mining companies to do better and I am going to go along with you to demand that the Chinese companies do better.  That they respect local laws and culture and that they do not involve themselves in corruption.”

He said making Zambia a better place for all was a task for everyone and China was not an exception.

Ambassador Zhou also said Zambia was lagging behind in development because it had underutilized its abundant natural resources.

“You have not really utilized your resources.  You are not getting more from your copper exports.  You have a number of hydro power stations due to the abundant water resources but unfortunately all these are built by foreigners and not local people,” said Ambassador Zhou.

And Minister of Education John Phiri said the donation of the computers to UNZA would help in improving delivery of teaching, learning and researching capacities of students.