Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) in Civil Engineering   

Students do their first year in the School of Natural Sciences where they undertake ‘A’ level
Courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.  They enter the School of Engineering
In second year where they start the Civil Engineering programme in the second semester of the same year.  Each academic year has two semesters.  Upon successful completion of the five year programme, candidates are awarded the Bachelor of Engineering degree.  The following figure shows

Year I
First Semester
M111                 Mathematic Methods I                                                            

P119                  Introduction to Physics I                                                                  

BS111               Cell Biology and Genetics                                                                

C101                 Introduction to Chemistry I                                                               

Second Semester
M114                Mathematics Methods II                                                                   

P198                  Introductory Physics II                                                                     

C102                 Introduction to Chemistry II                                                              

                    Second Year

First Semester
CE 282 Civil Engineering Material and Practices
EG  269 Introduction to Information Technology
EG 275 Engineering and Communication
EM 212 Engineering Mathematics II
ME 2552 Properties of Engineering Materials

Second Semester
EG  275 Engineering
CE 282 Civil Engineering Materials and Practices
EM 212 Engineering Mathematics II
ME  232 Properties of Engineering Materials
EG 269I Introduction to Information Technology
Third Year

First Semester
CE 311 Mechanics of Materials
EM 311 Engineering Mathematic III
GG 361 Engineering Geology
GE 352 Land Law and Land Management

Second Semester
CE 305 Civil Engineering Drawing
CE 312 Theory of Structures
CE 369 Fluid Mechanics I
EM 312 Engineering Mathematics IV

Fourth Year

First Semester
CE 425 Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
CE 431 Structural Masonry and Timber Structures
CE 465 Hydrology
GE 481 Principles of Survey

Second Semester
CE  442 Highway Engineering
CE  452 Environmental Engineering I
EG   475 Engineering Management and Society I
EG 493 Industrial Training I (Compulsory)

Fifth Year

First Semester
CE 531 Reinforced and Pre-stressed Concrete Design
CE 590* Project
CE 565 Water Management and Hydraulic Structures
CE 581 Construction Techniques and Management

Second Semester
CE  535 Structural Dynamics
EG 593 Industrial  Training II (Compulsory)
EG 575 Engineering Management and Society II

CE 512 Structural Dynamics
CE 555 Environment and Society
CE  545 Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering
CE 582 Contract Management