Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) in Mechanical Engineering

    2nd Year
    Course Code    Course Title
    MEC 2009    Engineering Drawing I
    ENG 2159    Engineering Workshop Technology
    MEC 2309    Properties of Engineering Materials I
    EEE 2019    Principles of Electricity I
    ENG 2129    Engineering and Communication
    ENG 2139    Introduction to Information Technology
    3rd Year
    Course Code    Course Title
    MEC 3001    Mechanical Engineering Drawing II*
    MEC 3301    Properties of Engineering Materials II
    MEC 3401    Thermodynamics I
    CEE 3311    Fluid Mechanics I
    MEC 3102    Machine Tools & Principles of Electricity II
    MEC 3352    Strength of Materials I
    MEC 3705    Dynamics
    ENG 3165    Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics
    4th Year
    Course Code    Course Title
    MEC 4105    Production Technology I
    MEC 4351    Strength of Materials II
    MEC 4601    Fluid Mechanics II
    MEC 4055    Machine Design I
    MEC 4402    Thermodynamics II and Heat Engines
    MEC 4702    Vibrations and Control Engineering I
    ENG 4129    Engineering Management and Society I
    5th Year
    Course Code    Course Title
    MEC 5051    Machine Design II
    MEC 5105    Production Technology II
    MEC 5401    Heat Transfer
    MEC 5904    Final Year Project*
    MEC 5205    Maintenance Engineering**
    ENG 5129    Engineering Management and Society II
    …………    Elective
    …………    Elective
    5th Year Electives
    Course Code    Course Title
    MEC 5355    Advanced Strength of Materials
    MEC 5455    Alternative Energy Sources
    MEC 5465    Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
    MEC 5552    Environmental Engineering
    MEC 5702    Control Engineering II
    MEC 5855    Automobile Engineering